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About Us

Shop for a cause, not for applause. Spread the sunshine in your heart by buying for those artisans who are working for the Indian heritage to breathe and live. India is a land of diverse cultures mingling together to provide a unified heritage and vibrant hues of sophistication.

Our site has some delightful and absolutely stunning products made by Indian artisans who have years of experience in their niche of interest. The products featured on our site are made from durable raw materials whose roots can be traced from the dwellings of artisans from all over India.

Work with heart

Be it the durability, pattern, design or authenticity, if you are looking for quality then KRAFTLO is your ultimate shopping destination.

Reliable services

We buy our items from artisans for whom creativity isn’t a hobby, it is their way of life. Artisans are people who fight battles in their everyday life without weapons.

Great support

The culture and heritage that we take pride in are now confined within the boundaries of these artisan’s workshops.


To encourage our disappearing art forms from all over India and to help the needy and respect the work of deserving artisans we have come up with an idea of buying items from weavers and artisans and use the earnings as a way to sponsor several sections of livelihood including education, healthcare, etc.

What will KRAFTLO be doing?

The idea hidden beneath the layers of our website is to spread happiness and take care of those, who cannot do it themselves. Reach us, buy your home essentials, showpieces and of course accessories, and take pride in being a part of the development. If you are shopaholic then “shop for a cause” and support growing artisans. Join hands in uplifting their communities with your small initiatives because every step counts!

  • KRAFTLY ACADEMY Educate In order to support starting entrepreneurs, we will invest in education and skills for women and men. We will focus on making professional education and training available, ranging from workshops to intensive training, language courses, skills teachings, and online courses. The goal of our training program is to provide education only to those artisans who need it and create new opportunity.

Our Project

Our Project

Our Story

Our Story